Best Ladies Bags in Chennai

Best Ladies Bags in Chennai The handbag market in India has gone through constant transition over the last decade, thanks to the evolving consumption choices of Indian consumers, especially those reflecting their personalities. Indeed, the fashion accessory is no longer a mere necessity purchase for consumers in India, but an important component of the lifestyle shopping category. Given the growing Indian economy, an increase in disposable income, and rising urbanization, the demand for fashion goods is at its all-time high in the country. Consequently, the market for handbags is growing at an unprecedented rate, and these top handbag brands in India continue to dominate the industry.

The handbags market in India can be segmented into four categories: shoulder bags, satchels and saddles, totes, and purses and wallets. According to the market research report compiled by industry analysts at Technavio, the handbags market in India is dominated by the purses and wallets segment, which is expected to remain a major contributor in the next few years. The report also identifies that the specialist retailers will account for the largest share of the market in terms of distribution. With restrictions lifting and the hope of normality in our sights.

many of us are taking the opportunity to update our wardrobes to reflect our new routines, away from the world of loungewear. Whether you’re heading back to the office for the first time in a while, or are finally getting the chance to plan for weddings, events and holidays, you might be looking to add to your capsule wardrobe with a new accessory. If you’re thinking of splurging on a new designer handbag, then it is worth considering a style that will stand the test of time, rather than just a one-season wonder that will eventually end up gathering dust at the back of your wardrobe.

For this, the best option is either to look to the classics – some of which may have had a modern makeover, but are still very much trend-free – or to snap up designs that have an endless elegance about them (think timeless colours, seasonless silhouettes and trusty fabrics). Every woman needs to have a reliable tote bag with ample storage space, that’s also super-comfortable to carry around. For those who don’t know, a tote bag is a large, unfastened bag with two parallel shoulder handles on either side.

It’s an extremely versatile bag to invest in, perfect for any occasion that demands you to carry more than a few things, whether it’s shopping around the city, heading out for a class or just going to work. This is perhaps the most basic essential bag for every woman to have in her closet. It comes with all the trimmings you’d commonly associate with a generic hand bag, such as zippered pockets, compartments and a mechanism to seal it shut. As the name suggests, this is a casual bag meant to be carried on one shoulder with thinner and shorter straps than that of a tote bag.

Shoulder bags are a very wide-ranging category and comprise of an assortment of silhouettes and sizes. Now, you might not have known the word “saddle”, but in India, these bags have been clubbed under sling bags for as long as I can recall. The name of this bag originates from the traditional saddle placed on the back of a horse, and is called so because of the original purpose it was created for, to carry a few basic things while riding a horse! But now, several classier makeovers and sophisticated designs later, the saddlebag is a must-have fashion accessory.

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