Best Bags Shopping in Chennai

Best Bags Shopping in Chennai A woman’s handbag is an integral part of her outfit. A handbag is more than just a sack to carry essentials. It’s a fashion statement, a way to express her style and creativity. Handbags come in many shapes, sizes, colors, prices and labels. Satchel bags are large bags used for casual occasions. The bag part is a big loose sack connected to a long strap. The strap is usually worn on the shoulder and crossed over the body so the bag rests on the opposite hip. Women usually wear satchel bags, but it’s also acceptable for men to wear them. A bucket bag is exactly what the name sounds like.

The bag part is in the form of a bucket, with a little less cylindrical shape. It’s usually attached to a shoulder strap but can also be attached to a hand strap. The top part is left open or secured by a zipper. Barrel bags are long cylindrical bags. They have a lot of room inside. Barrel bags usually have long straps so that the bag comes down to the stomach. Hobo bags are oval in shape, with a zipper on the top. Small straps are connected to both ends so your shoulder can go through them. This bag usually has many compartments on the inside and a large storage area.

Tote bags are perfect for running errands and for going to the beach or pool. They’re large squarish bags with small to medium straps. They usually do not have a zipper. Tote bags are usually made from a very durable fabric to resist water and sand. Interesting question, but like many interesting questions, this one also does not have a clear answer. Bags are such a craze for some that they are even willing to pay more than what it would cost for a car for owning some of those designer bags. And for the majority of us, a Bag is one accessory we cannot do without.

One errant theory for this bag love is that it is the competitive spirit of the women that makes them buy the one better and more costlier than the one on the arms of another girl.  One theory says bags appeal to the aesthetic element in a women and boy, they are aesthetic! Read this article for more on this. Whatever is your reason for buying a bag, its beauty combined with its functionality makes it a must-have accessory. Which is why there are so many kinds of bags- for each and every occasion you can have a different kind of bag. So even if I am not a competitive woman or a particularly aesthetic one,

With each passing season, a new collection of It bags pops up on the scene, and the options can be quite overwhelming. From crossbody bags that make traveling easy, to croc-embossed bucket bags, and itty bitty micro minis, the dominating trends and shapes to choose from are endless. Instead of being overwhelmed by the many shopping options, we’re breaking down the key types of bags every woman should have in her wardrobe for this season and beyond. The classic shoulder bag, which was once the main handbag type of the ’90s, is back with a vengeance.

It’s an easy bag to hold, as it can go over the shoulder, in your hand, or clutched for a night out. For all the astrology lovers out there; this unique and sleek bag from Dooz features a half-moon shape and silver hardware. Crossbody bags reign supreme because of their hands-free appeal. Throw one across your body and forget about struggling to carry both your Whole Foods paper bags and phone at the same time. The oversized tote bags of now can be folded or snuggled under your arm. They accessorize well when paired with everyday pieces like loose fitting trousers or a silky midi skirt. Perfect for all your flea market browsing and grocery store running.

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